Ok, third time is supposed to be charm, right? I hope so. This is my third attempt at having a blog account and my third attempt at posting a blog today. I was aware prior to today that computers and I have a somewhat tumultuous relationship, but seriously, today has been like no other.

First I went back to Blogger where I tried to retrieve my first blog account. After that was unlucky I decided to make a new Blogger account. Once I created that I wrote my first post of the day. Unfortunately I saved my post to my drafts rather than posting it immediately to my blog and what do you know, I lost the post.

It wasn’t the greatest post in the blogging world or anything, but it did talk about Angelina and who doesn’t like her?

Aww, and it continues. Thank goodness for the lovely people who work at the Knight Library, without them and their knowledge of HTML I would be lost. It just took one of them and myself about ten minutes to get the Angelina link to post. Computers LOVE me.

On a completely unrelated note, I wish I was here rather than in front of the computer growing more frustrated as each post somehow messes up more than the last.


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