The End

It’s near.

After almost four years at the University of Oregon, I will be graduating in the spring. I can’t believe it.

Before I know it this is going to be me (minus the whole graduating from law school thing). It seems like I just wore a cap and gown to my high school graduation. It simply boggles my mind that four years have passed since high school. True, I’m older, slightly more mature and living away from my parents, but still! Where did college go?!?

I’m definitely excited about starting a new chapter in my life; I’m just also a little scared about the “new chapter” at the same time. It is the unknown that makes me anxious. Also, I think it is the funniest/craziest thing in the world that sooner than later I’m going to look more like this and less like this. For the record, and for all my potential employers, I no longer have the lip ring. I knew when I had it done I would have to give it up and I have.

¬†Hopefully I can still dress slightly “funky” when I finally find a REAL JOB : )


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