Bad housewife!

When I was little my family and I would eat dinner at this restaurant called Rock ‘n’ Rogers. One of the main reasons we liked going there was because of the vintage vibe and deocrations it had. On all of the table tops there were old advertisements for all sorts of things. There were ads for Coca-Cola, dishwashing soap, ironing boards, clothes, you name it and they had an ad for it. Naturally, all of the ads were children appropriate and not risque. To be honest, I had never seen a “naughty” vintage ad until today, when I came across this.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like that ad was horrific or anything. It’s just that it has been a long time since I have seen such blatant, sexist advertising anywhere (other than an ad for an adult shop, or anything to do with that industry). I just cannot believe that vintage coffee ad suggests to men that if their wives aren’t “store-testing” for coffee that they should be spanked! Let’s all say this together now, THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Perhaps we have made some improvements over the last four or five decades.

Now I’m curious. Let’s see what else we can dig up for vintage advertising…

Wow! Now this one really is a doozy. As is this one too.

Really, I had no clue how BAD ads used to be. Thank goodness for people like my brother who can continue to make ads better and better. (Come on, I had to plug my brother, he makes funny videos!)


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