Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Ok, my friends and I have had some recent discussions on a topic similar to this one. Basically, if you don’t want to go to the post, some people think that my generation is overly confident, self-involved and narcissistic.

Do I completely dispute that claim?


However, I do think that the older generations need to take some of the blame.

For example, thanks to the zillion “reality” shows on channels like MTV or CW or VH1, I am definitely left with a certain feeling that young is “in.” Older generations cannot market my generation enough. And after watching it happen again and again, you start to believe that maybe you could be the one being marketed. My friends and I have definitely discussed whether or not we think our lives would be interesting enough for television. Apparently, we do, we think we are marketable. Is that our fault or the fault of the people recruiting for, producing, creating, conceptualizing and airing the “reality” shows?

Sure, it takes a certain individual to air out all of their personal problems on national TV like so many of the cast members on MTV’s Real World: Denver. However, it’s hard not to watch a show like that and think that maybe you could make it more interesting. Or better yet, maybe you could represent your generation in a rosier light. I can’t help but think how crazy so many of those people come across on TV, and sometimes I would like nothing more than to go on there and slap them silly. After slapping them, I would then show the world that my generation can be normal, selfless and still have fun while enjoying our youth.

Fine, maybe the blog is right. Perhaps my generation does think it’s a pretty big deal. Honestly though, with all the media information we are bombarded daily with about being young, pretty, hip and “in,” how could we not start to feel that way? Can you blame us?


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