Silly me…

for thinking  Best Buy was any different than the rest.

I don’t know why exactly, but I have always liked Best Buy. At least I did until today.

In the past they always seemed like a company you could trust. I always enjoyed going to the store. Its selection is great and its employees are always helpful and friendly. Plus, as far as I could tell they always had fair prices. Basically, I had no complaints.

Then I was alerted to this article about the company, and boy, did it make me sad. Best Buy cheats its customers. I didn’t want to believe it, but after reading the article there is no room for doubt.

Best Buy has a service where if you find its products for cheaper on-line, then that could translate to in-store savings. Essentially, you, as the customer, are supposed to go into the store with the cheaper price and compare it to the price one of the employees finds on the Internet on their store computers.

So where does the problem come from? Well, it seems that a couple of customers did just that, but when they went to Best Buy to compare, the cheaper prices were no longer anywhere to be found. Why couldn’t the cheaper prices be found? Easy. The cheaper prices were gone because the employees that the customers approached went to a secret intranet site that only they knew about. On this intranet site are prices that are the same as the prices found in Best Buy. Therefore, there is no way a customer could get a price break.

Really, as if companies like Best Buy don’t already make enough money. Do they really have to go behind their customers’ backs to rip them off? Shame on you, Best Buy, shame on you!


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